At CD+M, we appraise the details and possibilities that make every project unique. From concept to construction, CD+M is invested in each step of the design process. We offer a range of services tailored to meet each client’s creative vision, budget, energy goals, maintenance requirements and schedule.
Our diverse design team has contributed to the success of projects in a wide variety of markets including hospitality, convention, mixed-use, educational, leisure and gaming, healthcare, performing arts and cultural centers, museums, retail, corporate and institutional.

Interior Lighting

Light has the ability to transform an interior space, shaping the way we perceive our surroundings. CD+M designers understand the necessary balance of aesthetic, technical and human factors when developing an interior lighting plan.

Exterior Lighting

Successful exterior lighting designs develop safe environments that foster community. They help create vibrant landscapes and trademark evening skylines, and demand a sophisticated balance of aesthetic, budgeting, maintenance and safety considerations. CD+M’s bold, thoughtful exteror lighting plans stem from our appreciation of the communities and lives influenced by our designs.

Systems Design

CD+M is experienced in the diverse, yet interrelated, fields of controls design, theatrical systems and media display systems. We offer our clients a hybrid of services, customized to transform creative vision into reality.