Burj Khalifa (Media Facade)

The Burj Khalifa, developed and owned by Emaar Properties Dubai, rises 828 meters and 163 stories to pierce the desert skyline and is the tallest building in the world. The media facade system installed on the facade of the tower in 2015 was initially intended to be utilized for a short time, only, to support special events. As originally installed, the system was not designed to be permanent and the challenge of properly maintaining it became problematic.

In early 2017, EMAAR approached CD+M to analyze technologies for replacing the existing system, to develop specifications and provide procurement management for this significant upgrade to the tower. Once installed, the new LED screen, running up the east side 770 meters of the 828-metre-tall tower, was unveiled at the “Light Up 2018” New Year’s celebration captivating millions of viewers, both live and via live internet broadcasts across the world.


Client : EMAAR
Systems Manufacturer / Media Content : Saco Technologies
Systems Integrator : 3S, Johnson Technical Services


Exterior Lighting Design