Purdue Recreational Sports Center

At Purdue University three existing, antiquated, windowless boxes housing fitness, gymnasium and aquatic spaces were turned “inside out,” and a sprawling complex of facilities was united by “adding on from the middle.”

Boring and confusing entries and corridors between windowless activity spaces were replaced by a soaring central atrium of activity, reinvigorating renovated spaces with natural light brought deep into the heart of the facility and reaching its lowest levels. Infilling an under-utilized courtyard with stacked gymnasiums was a design challenge but saved the demolition of an existing track facility (and potentially the cost for its relocation). Another savings was the design of spaces to serve multiple functions, such as the lobby doubling as prefunction to the natatorium. The project received a Facility Award of Excellence from the Association of College Unions International and an IESNA Award of Merit in Lighting Design.


Architect: Moody Nolan


Interior Lighting Design
Exterior Lighting Design