Teresa Enroth

Teresa Enroth, Senior Associate
Teresa Enroth’s experience in the themed and architectural lighting world stems from more than 25 years of experience in lighting live performance including theatre, dance and corporate events. Her architectural design includes theme parks, entertainment venues, museum exhibits, hotels and office buildings. Ms. Enroth has also toured as a production manager for theatre shows. This touring experience of finding solutions to unexpected challenges within time limitations, enhances her construction administration efforts where she has overseen architectural and theatrical installations both domestically and overseas. She has also programmed the final lighting looks required by the projects she works on. In addition to employment as a Designer with City Design Group, Los Angeles (1997-2003) and as Senior Designer at CD+M, Los Angeles (2007-2009), Ms. Enroth has also collaborated with a variety of high-profile clients on a contract basis including the Ruzika Company, Thinkwell Group and Walt Disney Imagineering, in Los Angeles.

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