Courtney Mark

Courtney Mark, Senior Associate
Based out of CD+M Dubai, Senior Associate, Courtney Mark contributes extensive knowledge and experience in international hospitality design to the CD+M team. Ms. Mark’s passion for the interaction between light and shadow as well as her sensitivity to the social aspect of space enable her to develop versatile, intentional architectural lighting designs. Over the past 12 years, she has played a leading role in the design, management and construction of many high profile and award wining projects spanning North America, Central America and Asian markets. Shifting her primary focus to hospitality lighting design in 2007, Ms. Mark has collaborated on projects in a range of markets throughout her career including landscape, master planning, city beautification, commercial and high-end residential. Prior to joining CD+M, Ms. Mark held a Senior Designer position with Reveal Design Group for two years and spent eight years as a Senior Designer and Associate with AWA Lighting Designers, leading the firm’s newest international design studio in New Delhi, India. Her work is frequently published in trade publications across the globe.

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