Poly Business Tower

Goettsch Partners has designed a new 110,000m² Class A office tower in close proximity to various cultural and government facilities in the city in Shunde, China, for Poly Real Estate.  This will be the tallest structure in the area, at a height of 200 meters, and will be a centerpiece of the business district, making the structure a critical venue and focal point for the city.

GP's concept was to create an efficient, modern tower that integrates features of the local culture into the architectural expression of the building. In particular, inspired by the 'pinwheel' patterns commonly found in the regional screens and paving, the result of the tower's planning and façade articulation are designed to showcase this traditional vernacular.  The top of the tower also includes a multi-story winter garden showcasing panoramic views and will be dramatically illuminated in the evenings.

Owner: Poly Group
Client: Goettsch Partners
Category: Workplace
Interior Lighting Design
Exterior Lighting Design

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