King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international, graduate-level research university established to drive innovation in science and technology and to support world-class research in areas such as energy and the environment.  KAUST's campus is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's first LEED certified project and the world's largest LEED Platinum project, comprising academic buildings, research facilities with laboratories, innovation and technology centers, convention facilities, mosques, recreational and residential facilities covering nearly 36,000,000 sq m.

Under the direction of HOK, CD+M provided site lighting master planning including roads, parking, landscaping, iconic architecture and public art.  The team was asked to design an institution of the highest physical quality at a historically unprecedented speed—from conception to completion in just three years.  The site will eventually accommodate 20,000 people.

Owner: KAUST / Saudi Aramco
Client: HOK
Category: Education,Mixed-Use
Exterior Lighting Design

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