L’Etoile “La Boutique”

Etoile “La boutique” is the leading multi-brand store in the UAE and KSA, founded by Ingie Chalhoub, CEO of Etoile Group and pioneer of women’s fashion in the Middle East.

With 36 designers, 36 high fashion labels, 2,000 pieces of clothing and 273 pairs of shoes, stocked – Etoile 'La boutique' now celebrates almost 10 years since the region was first introduced to the groundbreaking shopping haven with a unique reinvention.

Dedicated to a multi-faceted woman and her daily changing needs, Etoile 'La boutique' now echoes the Seven Wonders of the (fashion) World, by introducing seven distinct spaces under one roof, each designed to deliver an exclusive and stylish experience.

The 4,370 square-foot Etoile 'La boutique' in Mall of the Emirates has been re-designed to give the ideal space to contemporary brands, established designer collections and extravagant eveningwear – with accessories, footwear, and jewelry now given dedicated walls and bigger spaces.  CD+M created the new lighting scheme and supervised the installation of this stunning new retail shop.

Owner: Chalhoub Group
Client: Chalhoub Group
Category: Retail
Interior Lighting Design

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