MGM Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel

The MGM Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel is situated amongst 2 transitionally Chinese buildings in Chengdu’s ancient district, along the Kuanzhai Alley. In total, there are 45 spacious guest rooms that have been designed by French designer Bruno Moinard, as well as 2 restaurants, meeting rooms and cigar lounge, among other facilities. Each room has been beautifully designed and curated to provide a unique experience for each and every guest.

CD+M was commissioned to design the lighting for the exterior facades of this ancient building, as well as the interior spaces. Using carefully placed lighting and playing with light and shadow, a very dramatic and romantic space was created while focusing on an overall elegant atmosphere and ambiance.

Owner: Zinta Sichuan
Client: Burno Moinard
Category: Hospitality
Interior Lighting Design
Exterior Lighting Design

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