Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In 2011, the Atlanta Botanical Garden's unveiled their inaugural seasonal light show entitled, 'Garden Lights, Holiday Nights,' which features green both as a primary festival color and as a design principle, as the displays are ultra-efficient and entirely recyclable LED light fixtures.

Nearly one million lights have transformed the garden grounds into a veritable winter wonderland, with a computer-animated LED installation on the Great Lawn serving as the display's undisputed flagship finale. Dazzling topiary forms of differentiating sizes and changing hues dance in-time to timeless Christmas carols awing visitors, designers, and artists alike.

CD+M Principal Ted Ferreira choreographed the lighting of the show in collaboration with Lighting Science Group and under the direction of ABG and exhibition designer Tres Fromme of Dallas-based Studio Outside.

Owner: Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Client: Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Category: Public
Exterior Lighting Design
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