Georgia State Capitol Building

In 2005, the Georgia Building Authority completed a $70 million, multi-year restoration of the Georgia State Capitol building. Built in 1889, this landmark was modeled after the US Capitol Building and expressed Atlanta’s new nationalism following the Reconstruction.

In renovating this important building, the project leaders wanted to achieve color consistency and to make the variety of architectural details visible at night. Overcoming the challenges of close neighboring buildings, enormous trees and even a helicopter flight path, we realized a design that enhances the architectural detail, highlights the shining gold domes and illuminates the once-lost statue at the monument’s crown.

The project was awarded a 2006 IIDA Award of Merit in Lighting Design and a 2006 GE Edison Award of Merit.

Owner: Georgia Building Authority
Client: Lord Aeck Sargent
Category: Public
Exterior Lighting Design

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