Happy Magic Water Cube

Originally developed for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the city’s iconic Water Cube facility was recently retrofitted to house the world’s largest indoor water park, “Happy Magic Water Cube.”  Recipient of multiple awards including the 2010 Industry Innovation Award

Upon entering the amazing structure, guests are immersed in a glowing, surreal environment, surrounded by giant funnels, interactive jelly fish and China’s first ever AquaLoop.  The park’s imaginative details were designed to complement and enhance one another, theatrical lighting, iconic architecture and intricate mosaics working together to transport guests to a new world.

The project is now the 2nd most popular tourist destination in Beijing after the Great Wall and was awarded a 2005 IESNA Award of Merit in Lighting Design.

Owner: Happy Magic Watercube Co. Ltd
Client: Forrec Ltd
Category: Leisure
Interior Lighting Design

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