Emory Univ. Psychology Bldg.

The New Psychology building at Emory provides for laboratories, offices and instructional spaces for the various departments of the School of Psychology.

HOK’s building design created a narrow building on an extremely tight site, and created daylit spaces for a majority of the building occupants. The building is a synthesis of contemporary interior spaces and an envelope that is a clever synthesis of contemporary and classic.

The lighting system was designed to allow occupants individual control of their spaces, since the interiors consist mainly of small lab spaces and offices aside from the classrooms. Lighting in all perimeter spaces are connected to an automated daylight harvesting system. The lighting consumes 17% less energy than code allowances, and is designed to a maximum of 9 lamp types.

Owner: Emory University
Client: Shepley Bulfinch, Collins Cooper Carusi
Category: Education
Interior Lighting Design
Exterior Lighting Design

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