City of Charlotte Fire Department Headquarters

The new 36,000 SF public headquarters building is located at the intersection of commercial and residential zones. As a 24 hour building, lighting design, was critical.   The exterior plaza and parking area lighting was designed to highlight the building while being sensitive to nearby residential neighborhoods with low level and cut-off fixtures to minimize glare and be respectful of dark skies.  The lighting was designed to conform with LEED SS8 exterior lighting criteria as well as State Senate Bill to reduce building energy consumption. The historically styled architecture, careful modulation and detailing allowed for illuminated delineation of the frieze and spandrel lighting details, while permitting the building form to offer framed views of the interiors.  The frieze lighting was permanently tilted and shielded to ensure that all direct illumination was absorbed within the detail.   This minimalistic façade lighting helped address light pollution, energy and cost considerations while still effectively highlighting the building’s salient features. The project achieved LEED Silver Certification and won a Bricks in Architecture Silver award.

Client: Tobin Architects
Category: Public

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Exterior Lighting Design

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